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Fluorescent Colors allow your LED UV design shinier and brighter!

Post Date:2024-03-20

LED UV ink with fluorescent yellow and fluorescent magenta revolutionizes the printing industry with its vibrant and eye-catching hues. Fluorescent colors captivate viewers with their vividness, fluorescent accents elevates printing projects to new levels of impact and appeal.

Characteristics that differentiate LED UV inks with fluorescent colors from regular LED UV inks:

*Enhanced Visibility: offer heightened visibility and attention-grabbing properties compared to regular LED UV.

*Extended Color Gamut: The inclusion of fluorescent yellow and fluorescent magenta expands the color gamut of LED UV inks, allowing for the creation of more dynamic and visually striking prints.

*Design Flexibility: With fluorescent colors, designers have more creative freedom to achieve designs that are distinctive and memorable.

*Applications: suitable for applications such as signage, advertising materials, safety signage, and promotional items (rigid/flexible types available).

LED UV光固化螢光墨水

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